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Background reporting:

Mar 25 2022

The Benefits of Social Media Background Reporting for Insurance Underwriting

Social Discovery Corp's latest blog explores how insurance companies can apply effective social media background reporting toward optimizing their underwriting processes. We uncover how social media platforms offer insights into a policyholder’s prof.

Mar 11 2022

The Danger of False Positives in Social Media Background Reporting -- And How to Avoid Them

In this day and age, more and more industries are in need of comprehensive social media background analysis. Whether it’s to hire new team members, verify a legitimate claim, or further analyze, business leaders are in search of solutions to capture .

Feb 11 2022

Accurate Social Media Intelligence Reporting: On the Front Lines of Identifying Insurance Fraud

The second installation of our original series explores the frontlines of identifying insurance fraud and how social media background reporting and analytics tie in with the process. We look at the most significant challenges SIU experts face and how.