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Aug 16 2022

Jun 25 2022

How Social Media Background Research Can Help Adjusters Validate Claims

False insurance claims cost American consumers $80 billion annually, with fraudulent cases reaching an all-time high.

Jun 10 2022

How Facebook's Crackdown On Data Scrapers and Automated Surveillance Tools Will Affect Social Media Research & Analytics

Social media data scraping is arguably the most dynamic and largest dataset when it comes to real-world events and human behavior. For years, business experts and analysts have relied on this tool to extract and harvest information from platforms suc.

May 19 2022

The Five Most Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Screening

Public social media records can be a powerful tool in evaluating the reputation, behavior, actions and history of either individuals or entities.

May 10 2022

Three Good Reasons You Should Outsource Social Media Research

The times are changing - fast. From a pandemic and social unrest to rising costs and disruptions to global supply chains, we have seen tremendous changes in the last two years. During this time, we have also seen an increase in social media use among.

Apr 08 2022

How Social Media Intelligence Reporting Is Revolutionizing Insurance Claim Processing

In the latest edition of our original blog series, we look at how insurance companies can leverage social media background analysis and reports in claims verification. Specifically, we share how access to social media user data can expedite insurance.