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From our sources in Wuhan, while restrictions are easing, life is far from returning to “normal”.  Until a vaccine is available globally we will we will not see pre-corona life returning.

Until a vaccine is available globally . Bill Gates, who has been working on the epidemic far ahead of nation-states, estimates that we are 18 months away from that happening (Bill Gates makes a prediction about when coronavirus cases will peak).  We are more confident listening to Bill than the daily news and take him at his word. What does that mean exactly? While the country works to bend the curve, that by no means marks the end of COVID-19 and its effects on work and society. Social distancing will continue and those who are on the frontlines of essential work functions must adapt to the new landscape to keep their doors open and function.  

Our sources who have factories in Wuhan, South Korea and the US have briefed us on this and what they are doing to adapt. Certainly, they are taking necessary steps like daily temperature checks upon entering facilities as well as strictly enforcing the use of face masks. They are also making use of social media data analysis to leverage for risk mitigation to check on potential hot spots within their own organizations to avoid a shutdown. Recently we spoke to a major producer of base plastic resin who was forced into closing its main distribution center for two weeks because two of their employees tested positive which caused the entire supply chain to close effectively shutting down the company.  

Companies must take extraordinary measures to mitigate risk at critical worksites now and well into the future. In response to this need, Social Discovery, working with a few key enterprise clients, has launched COVID-19 Social Media Contact Tracing Service. The need and responsibility is there. This unique social media service addresses the needs of essential enterprises, providing a powerful tool to mitigate risk over unseen potential COVID-19 threats at the workplace. Social Discovery has developed a unique risk scoring rating system to clearly communicate the identifiable risk associated with COVID-19 within social networks. Assigning low, medium and high risk, we quickly advise clients identifying specific instances that should be investigated further so an employer can take protective action to ensure their workplace can continue to operate. This is done through a combination of automated tools but in every case reviewed by our three-tiered system of human 

enabled quality control to ensure Accurate Intelligence every time. The scoring system can be customized by client request to address specific needs of the business vertical as well as cordon off and not report on information not pertaining to specific areas of interest.  

In the past couple of weeks, we have already started to see requests coming in from insurance clients pertaining to COVID-19 related cases and we expect this area to grow exponentially over the next few weeks. SDC will keep all of our partners and clients informed with weekly updates as this continues to play out.

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation. We are happy to help.