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Bodily Injury Claims

Exaggerated severity of a legitimate injury

Client: One of the top insurance providers in the country 

Case Background

An individual makes a valid injury claim that does not allow her to complete her typical job responsibilities. The individual does appear to be injured with doctor’s notes and records, but the individual continues to claim the injury long after the expected recovery time. There is suspicion that the individual may have initially been injured, but after a full recovery, she continues to claim the injury still does not allow her to perform her job responsibilities.

How we help

Social Discovery completes a report looking for any pre-existing conditions or injuries, current activity level along with any recent mention of pain or the injury still lingering. 


The search uncovers multiple photos that suggest the individual is engaging in  sports and activities that she would not be able to do if she was still injured. The insurer flags the claim for further investigation.

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