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Small Business Underwriting

Underwriting for a home daycare

Client: A provider of specialty risk coverage

Case Background

A client underwriting daycares asked us to perform a social media background search of all the daycare businesses they have on the books. These include individuals who provide childcare services inside their private homes. The client suspects that one of the daycare owners did not share the fact that they have dogs as pets. 

How we help

Social Discovery searches social media platforms for photos, videos and mentions of the businesses in question. We look for red flags pointing to an unsafe environment, such as unsecured exits or specific areas of the facility/home, or pets that may cause harm to children.


The search uncovers postings of the following: Pit bulls in the home, neighbor's dogs entering the backyard, an unsecured staircase leading to the basement, and construction in the home. The report helps the client make better decisions and take appropriate underwriting action.

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