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Who Uses Social Media Background Reporting? A Guide to Industry-Specific Benefits

Social media background analysis is a growing priority in the modern digital age. Individuals worldwide spend an average of up to 145 minutes browsing social media each day. An individual’s social media history can provide great context for their behavior and actions across the online world and beyond. The information might uncover malicious activities and expedite investigations.

For example, insurance fraud affects many organizations, with the FBI reporting that cases amount to more than $40 billion annually and cost American families between $400 to $700 a year. But beyond the obvious implications for SIU departments, quality social media reporting can also help drive the analytics and uncover the evidence required to streamline and resolve claims with minimal friction and delay.

Essentially, social media intelligence offers profound user insights. We will explore how these findings have far-reaching impacts across various industries.


Social media background reporting serves as a significant component in insurance fraud investigations. Specifically, the detailed breakdown of online profiles accounts for inconsistencies that may abound in an individual’s movements and activities.

For example, if an employee submits an insurance claim for a back injury, employers may invalidate the process if they uncover conflicting social media information, like Instagram photos of the same employee engaged in outdoor sporting activities.

Additionally, social media screening may gain valuable insights from secondary leads, such as popular contacts of a suspected fraudster. For instance, an injured claimant might appear in a post-marathon photo posted by a close connection.

While social media platforms provide users with high privacy rights and settings, a social media background intelligence expert like Social Discovery Corp (SDC) will collaborate with admins and ensure the highest level of confidence.

Social media background reporting taps into the metadata necessary (i.e., timestamps of posts, account names, etc.) to help you gain the advantage in verifying claims and responding to the earliest signs of fraud.

SDC’s ability to provide reliable, actionable data to enterprise clients has earned them the trust of leading insurance organizations that enables deep insights for standard claim verifications.

Additionally, SDC offers an integrated add-on for the GuideWire Marketplace (a leading P&C site) ClaimCenter that provides adjusters with an optimized user experience, including simplified workflow, access to real-time information, and single sign-on. Using this innovation in access to intelligence has greatly reduced the time and cost of administrative processes with each claim.

Private Investigations/Legal Procedures

Private investigators are constantly seeking the evidence necessary in uncovering and responding to unlawful practices. Traditional criminal records can offer a glimpse of an individual’s background but may prove inadequate in our increasingly digital world.

The earliest hints of a crime may appear from a social media message log, where individuals leave suspicious links or requests, usually seeking personally identifiable information. Additionally, social media background reporting can provide elusive evidence for various legal scenarios such as divorce investigations, courtroom cases, and custody battles.

Comprehensive investigations compile information across social media sites visited by suspected parties. Accurate social media intelligence can serve as proof of character and lifestyle that’s presentable in court.

For example, through social media intelligence, your private investigation firm may accrue evidence of violent behavior, discrediting a custody claim. Similarly, you could uncover incriminatory text exchanges that prove an individual’s infidelity during divorce filings.

Risk Management

Risk management involves a meticulous, data-supported approach to navigating the challenges within an industry. A leading insurance provider leverages SDC’s social media background reporting because it serves as an important component to their mix, adding valuable insights to modern risk management practices.

The process offers real-time analytics from social media platforms, tapping into the information exchanged by industry leaders and decision-makers that could shape upcoming events.

SDC can help you evaluate content from LinkedIn posts, forum discussions, and other social media mediums to separate frauds and scams from legitimate industry advice and news. As such, social media background reporting reduces the risk of misinformation that results in significant losses in investments.

Additionally, through social media background reporting, you can access real-time crisis alerts from online communities and respond quickly for the best organizational outcomes. According to research, more people are turning to social media as their primary news source, and businesses that emerge as leaders in this space are better positioned for market dominance in their field.

With social media background reporting, you will have more confidence in qualifying the data circulating on the open web. Ultimately, you will have the latest information to drive better decisions and have a competitive edge within the industry.


HR managers need to ensure that every candidate undergoes background checks before acceptance into a company. The process reduces the risks of security concerns and legal liabilities that may arise at the workplace.

Traditionally, a background check involved criminal records, credit scores, driving records, education, and employment history. However, many modern employers have added social media history to the list of criteria.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process, and roughly 43% of employers use social media to check up on current hires. Most employers do so to ensure that employees remain a good fit for the workplace culture, especially with customer service roles that involve direct communication with clients/buyers.

SDC helps you generate quality social media background reports required for the most insightful background checks. Rather than relying on algorithms alone to collate the information, we combine machine learning technology with the expertise of our specialized team to offer accurate, fully analyzed and ready to use reports each time.

SDC – Optimizing Social Media Background Reporting

SDC is the leading provider of social media background reporting and data analysis that provides you with the most streamlined data for the best value in social media intelligence.

We help partners achieve desired outcomes through the power of AI — accurate intelligence. Our commitment to quality has won us the RFI at Liberty against 13 other competitors, and we strive toward continuous progression in combating fraud, verifying claims, and providing reliable intelligence to a host of industries.

Social media will remain a powerful force in the digital climate for the upcoming years. You deserve the most reliable reporting capabilities to have the available data work in your favor at a scalable price.

Our next article will unpack accurate intelligence, the concept that drives the SDC mission, and how it shapes the most actionable results.

Contact us for a demo and review a sample report to experience how you can benefit from a custom solution that meets your specific needs.