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Trial Preparation

Collecting court-admissible evidence for a personal injury case

Client: Legal firm

Case Background

A plaintiff claims to have suffered injuries to his hand and arm due to a faulty space heater. The client is interested in compiling evidence proving or disproving the plaintiff's claim.

How we help

Social Discovery performs a social media search of all the publicly available data on the plaintiff, including major social media platforms and online forums. The search is focused on capturing photos, videos and posts of the individual’s arm and hand, the activities he is involved in post-accident, whether he is attending medical appointments and rehabilitation, as well as any posts made by the individual and/or his friends and family that are of relevance.


The search uncovered indicators that the individual had sustained the injuries in question. We were able to find photos of the individual waiting at a doctor's office, as well as multiple photos of the individual where his hand is bandaged up.

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