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Great news! TikTok and Strava are now on our list of social media networks, which means we’ll be able to sift through publicly available information shared by the apps’ users...

Why TikTok

TikTok is the next big thing among people of all ages who love sharing their singing, dancing and other creative talents with the world.

Evolving from what was previously, TikTok enables users to pair popular music with short, self-created music videos and other forms of creative expression. Within a year of its launch, TikTok gained over 100 million users worldwide and continues to gain in popularity as trends such as TikTok dances and TikTok challenges become more widely known. 

More than 37 million Americans are using the TikTok app to engage in singing, dancing and other performances that require physical activity. Because of their widespread popularity, TikTok videos are extremely useful in our investigations – providing valuable footage of subjects performing physical activities, which could easily lead to exposing possible cases of fraud.   

Why Strava

If you haven’t heard by now, Strava is the #1 app for runners and cyclists! It allows users to track, analyze and log their physical activities via a mobile app. Strava’s members typically share their exercise routines and physical activity on their public profiles.

The platform currently has over 42 million accounts and another 1 million new users joining every month. The activity data generated by the users can be crucial when investigating potentially fraudulent claims as it sometimes shows almost every aspect of someone’s workout, along with a date and timestamp of when they were active.

Social Discovery is proud to announce that both TikTok and Strava are now included in our standard network search for all report types. To bring you the best service possible, we are always staying up to speed with the latest technologies and social media trends.